Get Ready For The Future

We say No to Microplastics. We are proud to never have chosen to use inferior plastic ingredients and are a active campaigner for banning microplastics in cosmetics. We sourced and developed multiple alternatives to use, whether it be, strawberry seeds, or coffee as the bi product of drink production, or nut shells and rice rejects. We use them in a variety of exfoliating and polishing formulations with the refreshed impending launch of USKIN Cosmetics made simply BY YOU FOR YOU

Fed up of seeing the wide spread use of plastic which people believed is recyclable when in fact it is not infinite.

The most common plastics (PLA, PET) Plastic is only recycle 2-4 time. This can be increased by addition of virgin (new) plastic, making 6-8 time recyclable. This is where mass consumers can be mislead in believing fully recyclable plastic is recyclable.

With this in mind, USkin has created a range minimizing plastic packaging but still reflecting the integrity of the high quality formulations. As a conscious brand we are continually seek out innovative ideas to make our products 100% natural and 100% recyclable. One innovation is the upcoming implementation of glass, aluminium or compostable such as sugar, potato, corn , seaweed or bamboo based packaging.



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